…because every picture tells a story.

This little sentiment has been the cornerstone of my photography and photo art from day one. Whether capturing family gatherings, our goofy goldens, or creating an entirely new image from the imagination, knowing a single image I create holds so many stories, as many stories as there are viewers, is exciting and so inspiring!

I’m a self-taught photographer living in Chalfont, PA. I enjoy and am active in many aspects of photography, including event photography to more personalized client-based shoots. But it has been the photo art and composite photography that has captured my soul and launched me onto the creative path of more in-depth visual storytelling.  These images purposefully possess a time-honored tonality inspired by the romanticism of bygone eras, classic children's stories, and some self-reflection. I also have a quirky fondness for the abandoned, the forgotten, and the unusual which often become the inspiration and foundation the image is built on.  Today's technology are the tools (my camera and computer) that allow me to piece together various images, create the story, and preserve the past, present or even future... as I imagine it.

As much as I love creating my Photo Art, I love to share it.  I sell my Photo Art here and on FineArtAmerica, participate in arts festivals and exhibitions, and license my photography for book and album covers.

All images for saleFor pricing, sizing, and other inquiries, please contact me through this website or directly at mariadreyer@studiomdigitalart.com.  Or please visit my site on FineArtAmerica.

Art Festivals & Exhibits:  Please follow me Instagram or Facebook to see where I'll be and I hope to see you there!

Events & Client Based Shoots:  Please contact me for more info, pricing, and a sample portfolio from some previous shoots.

Thank you so much for visiting.


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