About - Maria Dreyer

Maria is a self-taught fine art photographer living in Bucks County, PA.  She has a passion for the the abandoned, the forgotten, and the unwanted.  She will tell you that how she came to love these unwanted treasures and glimpses into our past is unknown and also irrelevant.  But  that it is the renewal she gives them and the part they play in her images that she wants you to see.   

Maria draws inspiration from the romanticism of bygone eras, children's stories, and her own self-reflection.  She uses her camera and her computer to take a subject and the thought, feeling or story it sparks to transform it into a new reality.

Maria has won awards for her art and photography and exhibits throughout Bucks County.  One of her most enjoyable venues are the Art Festivals; where she is  often given a preview  of how the story she developed is yet again rewritten, this time by the viewer.  

Maria sells and licences her art and photography.  For inquiries, please contact her through this website or directly at mariadreyer@studiomdigitalart.com.

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